Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My projects to finish this week!!

Here is a couple projects that I will finish this week!! Im thinking some kind of blue for the chandelier!! YUMMY!!

This is a chandelier I just finished. It was soooo very neglected!!

Well I'm crazy for vintage and antique lighting! I have more table lamps than one could ever need in a life time. There is just something about these little lamps that I cannot resist. Its the same with little tables, vintage fabric and vintage costume jewelry. Ive been collecting all three for 30 plus years. I purchased my first little side table back when I was about 14 years old.

I grew up with parents that didn't miss an auction. EVER!! What a blast that was!! They were also antique collectors that opened their own store. "The treasure Trove" I used to love hanging out there after school and on weekends. Yep I got the bug early!!

I always seemed to be drawn to what I call the "girly girl" things, vintage jewelry, lace, little crystal or glass lamps. I realized some time ago I picked this up from my Grandmother and my Great Aunt. When I was little I loved going to their houses because they had bedrooms to die for. High antique beds layered with lacy dust ruffles and the sweetest coverlets. The dresser had the antique brush sets, rhinestone jewelry, lace doilies everywhere. I sure miss those days with Grandma!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello to all my blogging friends!! I am working on photos and more so check back shortly!! I will be sharing my dreams and special project and more!! See you soon!!